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With own die-casting workshop for light housing production.

Both complete lights and Light fittings can be supplied.

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Linear Driver SMD LED Flood Light 50-200W
 Power   100W
 Driver   Linear driver
 Voltage   AC200-240V
 Led Chip   San'an
 LM/W   105-115
 Beam Angle   120
 Colour Tempreture   2700-6500K
 IP rate   IP66
 CRI   Ra70,Ra80
 Housing Material   Pure Aluminium
 Size(mm)   282*232*31

 Model Number

 Power  Driver  Voltage  Led Chip  LM/W  Beam Angle  Colour Tempreture  IP rate  CRI  Housing Material  Size(mm)
SGT-FLL-50S  50W  linear driver  AC200-240V  San'an  105-115  120  2700-6500K  IP66  Ra70,Ra80  Pure Aluminium  223*188*31
 SGT-FLL-100S  100W  linear driver  AC200-240V  San'an  105-115  120  2700-6500K  IP66  Ra70,Ra80  Pure Aluminium  282*232*31
 SGT-FLL-150S  150W  linear driver  AC200-240V  San'an  105-115  120  2700-6500K  IP66  Ra70,Ra80  Pure Aluminium  344*282*45
 SGT-FLL-200S  200W   linear driver  AC200-240V  San'an  105-115  120  2700-6500K  IP66  Ra70,Ra80  Pure Aluminium  344*282*45

Product Features:

Housing color: white or black.
Logo can be printed on tempered glass.
Led chips and driver can be as per your request.
This design is for linear driver led flood light, which is driver on PCB board

Light fittings are also availabe to supply for buyer's own assembly.

Exhibition hall, Show room, Factory Workshop, Warehouse.
Brand Store, Speciality Shop, Supermarket, Department Store, Shopping Mall.
Residential/Institution Building, Office Building, Commercial Building, Villa.
Garden, Park, Landscape, Pathway, Parking Lot, Stadium,Tunnel, Bridge.

 Model Number

 Power  Driver  Voltage  Led Chip  LM/W  Beam Angle
SGT-FLL-50S  50W  linear driver  AC200-240V  San'an  105-115  120
 SGT-FLL-100S  100W  linear driver  AC200-240V  San'an  105-115  120
 SGT-FLL-150S  150W  linear driver  AC200-240V  San'an  105-115  120
 SGT-FLL-200S  200W   linear driver  AC200-240V  San'an  105-115  120

 Model Number

 Colour Tempreture  IP rate  CRI  Housing Material  Size(mm)
SGT-FLL-50S  2700-6500K  IP66  Ra70,Ra80  Pure Aluminium  223*188*31
 SGT-FLL-100S  2700-6500K  IP66  Ra70,Ra80  Pure Aluminium  282*232*31
 SGT-FLL-150S  2700-6500K  IP66  Ra70,Ra80  Pure Aluminium  344*282*45
 SGT-FLL-200S  2700-6500K  IP66  Ra70,Ra80  Pure Aluminium  344*282*45